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Hi, I'm Paula Arturo.

I help language professionals translate accurate and nuanced legal documents.

As a Lawyer-Linguist, Law Lecturer, and linguistic consultant at a top law firm, I have nearly two decades of experience and know-how to share with you.

In my courses, I teach you everything I know about translation and law so you can feel confident in your work and deliver pristine translations that are faithful to source without being overly literal.

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Comparative Law for Translators

Comparative law for Translators is the only implementation program of its kind that not only outlines and helps you navigate the key differences between Latin American Civil Law and American Common Law but also shows you exactly how to render pristine translations that are faithful to source without sacrificing naturalness and readability.

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"As a legal translator, I've long felt a need for guidance from a master to deepen my expertise and take my trade to the next level. Paula's extensive knowledge and sharp thinking have met that need. Her course cuts straight to the issues most relevant to me as a linguist, and she has been more than willing to engage me and provide resources so I can further explore the topics that most interest me."

Collin Stewart
Freelance Legal Translator

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"Paula is a seasoned and accomplished instructor second to none. If you want to understand, use and master legal English, she is the one to resort to. Clarity, accuracy, and knowledge-sharing characterize her teaching lessons. I highly recommend her courses, not only because you will learn and understand (and love) legal English but also because her well-structured classes simplify understanding and learning."

Marcela Fernández
Legal Translator

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