Top 3 Law Podcasts for Legal Translators in 2021

business Jan 17, 2021

Not everyone is into podcasts. I didn’t used to be. But then I discovered that exercising is good for your health (who knew?!) and it’s hard to read when you’re exercising. So I reached for the next best thing: podcasts. And in my continued effort to bring you all the tools you need to grow professionally in 2021, here’s a run-down of my favorites:

1) Thinking Like a Lawyer featuring Above the Law’s Joe Patrice and Katheryn Rubino. As a lawyer from the Civil Law world, I’m used to things being quite rigid, “objective” and even a bit systemic (read: snooze fest). Civil lawyers are trained to think in a certain way and the “less scientific” approach to the law that our counterparts take in the Common Law world can be quite refreshing. So my favorite podcasts are the most disarticulated by my standards. They’re interesting and informative, of course, but I also appreciate a little fun and a lot of critical thinking. That’s why I love Thinking Like a Lawyer.

But what matters isn’t why I love it, it’s what you can get out of it as a legal translator. You won’t learn copious legal vocabulary, I’m not going to lie, but you will learn about the issues lawyers in the U.S. are talking about. The buzz. The stuff that makes you an insider when you’re networking and expanding your legal translation business. Have a listen to this podcast to get an introduction to what lawyers care about and how lawyers in the U.S. look at certain things (i.e. how their brains are wired).

2) Get Legally Speaking with Hatti Suvari. This one has two great things going for it. First, it breaks down complex legal issues for non-lawyers to be able to understand them. This means you’ll learn something new in every episode. Second, it’s from the other side of the pond. It helps build that comparative law perspective I consistently reference in my posts. You’ll learn interesting things such as what an inquest is and how they work and you’ll hear Hatti and her guests insightfully discuss absorbing topics like judicial independence and accountability. So you’ll learn in a more Civil Law sense of the term, but without the snooze fest.

3) The Constitution Drafting Project with Jeffrey Rosen by the National Constitution Center. If you’ve ever taken one of my courses or heard me talk about the law, you know my take on why constitutional law is the key to everything. If you want to understand a country’s legal system, what makes the people of that country tick, how they view law and morality, law and society, and even law and economics, take a look at the country’s constitution and more importantly, its constitutional history. This podcast offers insight into that perspective. 

There you have it. My top three. Now before we say our virtual goodbyes, I want to make two things perfectly clear: First, I’m not being paid to advertise these podcasts, I just really like them and think you might like them, too. Second, I’m not endorsing all the views expressed in them. Sometimes, I hear things I don’t necessarily agree with, but to me that’s an even better reason to keep listening.

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